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World Premiere of the newest short film by local filmmaker this Thursday

World Premiere of the newest short film by local filmmaker David S. White

"Sex Between Us"

A Dreams On Film Production

written & directed by David S. White
starring Drew White & Amber Sophia Nelson
assistant director Jillene Buena
director of photography Jessica Gallant
shot entirely in New Orleans, LA

Date: Thursday, August 31st
Time: 8 PM
Place: Howlin' Wolf, 907 S. Peters, NOLA
Admission: $7

Musical performance by members of The New Orleans Bingo! Show. Also featured will be "The Date," a short shot several years ago but that has never truly had a public screening, as well as other films by local New Orleans film makers. ("The Date", which was selected for last year’s New Orleans Film Festival, but never got shown there as the film fest was postponed due to Hurricane Katrina. It will be featured in this October’s festival, however.)

All proceeds go toward submitting this film to film festivals around the world (these submission fees can run $30 - $60/each depending).

Please support local artists and go to for more details or
subscribe to the Dreams on Film podcast
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