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|!| Driving for Life |!|


    I'm posting here because there is a Great Dane that really needs your help this weekend.  Anna's owner was being supported financially entirely by her husband, until he died suddenly and unexpectedly.  It was then that she turned to rescue as she realized she could not even afford to feed herself let alone the animals that had come to live with her.  A wonderful rescue in South Carolina has agreed to take Anna in, but we have to get her there.  She is already underweight and being fed half rations - we want to get her to a place where she can be fed regularly as soon as possible.  On her way to rescue she will be traveling through Shreveport and Monroe, LA!

More details here:
(Please feel free to comment here or there with any questions you may have)
(Please cross post)

    Please take a look at the link above and see if you can help.  All it takes is a couple hours out of your day and some gas to drive from one city to the next.

Thank you
- Saigh


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