stupendous badass (uproar) wrote in louisiana,
stupendous badass

WTUL Community Festival

WTUL Community Festival & Marketplace
Saturday, March 18
Uptown Square - 200 Broadway
1 - 5 pm
Music, Food, Fleamarket, Crafts, Member sign-up, FUN!
Family friendly

You betcha ... we're bringing back the outdoor festival! come join us between 1 and 5 p.m., Saturday, March 18, on the grounds of our spacious new estate at Uptown Square.This event will feature live music from the New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, food, and vendors plying everything from food to fleamarket finds, crafts(wo)men, music, and more.

WTUL is broadcasting live from the fest, which kicks off their marathon fund drive. This will be an event for the whole family, so come out and support the community and local businesses, bands, and artists, as well as a great community resource...WTUL!

Members of the New Orleans Craft Mafia will be set up at this event! Come out and meet us!
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