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New Community

I noticed since moving back home, that things are a bit wacky still. And when fasting I noticed how little I could think of doing that didn't involve food.

I've also noticed that I've lost half of my friends because they are scattered all over the country.

So I created borednola!

If you notice an event that looks interesting, post it.
Want someone to hang with, post it.
Thinking of doing something specific, and want to invite new people to join, post it.
Want to do something, but have no way to get to and from, post it.

I'm thinking it might be a great way for us all to meet new people and maybe try out new things.
Parents- Look for like minded parents to hang out with... Since your single friends shy away from hanging out with you and your kids.
Students- tired of being stuck on campus? Find something to do on the other side of town. And new people to do it with. Or find students to attend campus functions with instead of wandering around alone.
Locals- be a tourist for a day and check out the zoo, aquarium or tour with other locals.
Wanna go on a road trip? Find someone to car pool with.

Ya'll get the idea.

Any suggestions for links on the info page or rules, etc. I'd appreciate it. I'm thinking of including links for the local Attractions, the bus system and similar communities... also. Icons, and images to use on the page would be nice.

X-posted everywhere I could think of!

*edit for this community*
I'm posting here as well, because There are things to do all across LA that could be posted, or people from elsewhere might like to make plans before visiting us!
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